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Changes of address

By Zach Arnold | January 24, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

I wanted to introduce everyone to two brand new writers who have recently joined the Fight Opinion family. The first writer I want to introduce is Luke Nicholson, a great Canadian and someone whose judgment I am respectful of. Luke owns the MMA Opinion blog, but has now agreed to move over to Fight Opinion. He is planning to work on a preview article for the K-1 2/4 Saitama Super Arena show (good luck on that), and I will try my best to help him out with Japanese research. Please support Luke, as he is someone I personally sought after to join the site.

The second person I wanted to introduce is Jason Adams (from the MMA Today blog). Jason is based out of the Jackson, Mississippi area (just like Rob Sayers is as well). I, too, also sought out for Jason and asked for him to join the Fight Opinion family. Jason primarily writes UFC-based articles, but also discusses PRIDE and other promotions. Please give a warm welcome to Jason.

I am always on the lookout for new writers and personalities to bring into the Fight Opinion family. If you have any candidates you would like to recommend who have been running their own individual blog on MMA and think would be a good fit on this site, send me an e-mail.

Other notes

Recently, I have been dabbling into some of the free (open-source) CMS (content management software) packages available for download online. These include Joomla, B2Evolution, and Nucleus CMS. For those of you out there with experience using these platforms, I wanted to get your personal thoughts on how would rate these CMS platforms. Leave a comment here on this post or do a trackback from your blog to this post and post your commentary on your site.

The reason I ask for feedback on those CMS platforms is that I may install one or more of them on the Fight Opinion site (in addition to the WordPress 2.0 set-up we already have). So help us improve the site.

One other note – we need a lot of help with the Fight Opinion PR campaign. Whether that means posting our URL on a blog site or distributing our radio shows to friends or linking to one of our graphical buttons, we need to spread the word about this site. The sooner, the better. I have big plans in store for the Fight Opinion project, but I need to make sure more people know about the site first and foremost. So please help us out by donating some of your time. Thanks.

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