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Jon Jones is the stupidest high-level main event fighter ever in MMA history

By Zach Arnold | July 6, 2016

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We know the history with Jon Jones. We know the recent troubled history of his brother Chandler. There are plenty of examples of poor judgment that have brought negative attention to that family.

Jon Jones is the most physically-gifted talent ever in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. The only thing to match that level of physical talent is the level of his stupidity. DUI crash. Getting into an altercation with an aggressive cop. Not fighting Chael Sonnen. And now screwing up a sure fire rematch win against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, an event that the company (which has given Jones so many do-overs and second chances) was building their calendar year around.

An USADA anti-doping notice of violation. As dreadful as a company telling you that you have been “future endeavored.”

Dana White’s head looked like it was going to explode. ESPN broke into their Dwyane Wade shocker with an even bigger Jon Jones doping shocker. UFC 200 has fallen apart not once but twice in the time span of three months. No Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz rematch. No Ronda Rousey return. Brock Lesnar in a precarious match against Mark Hunt without WWE waving their marketing pom-poms. Even with the most stacked, greatest-of-all-time top-to-bottom competitive fight card in UFC history, Jon Jones managed to screw it all up — again.

Let the Nevada State Athletic Commission drop the hammer on Jon Jones with their newly updated suspension regulations. And then send Jon Jones on his way out of the door. He’s not worth the trouble no matter what.

This is the kind of thing that erodes fan confidence not just with promoters but also fighters. I can already hear the pro-drug usage crowd crowing about how UFC implementing a drug policy is at fault here. In a twist of cruel irony, it was Chael Sonnen (Mr. Testosterone) on ESPN delivering the Jon Jones doping eulogy and proclaiming that you could somehow allegedly tell Jones was doping by looking at him with his shirt off.

This was the proverbial cherry on the crap sundae that has surrounded the birth, development, and execution of UFC 200.

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29 Responses to “Jon Jones is the stupidest high-level main event fighter ever in MMA history”

  1. King Famous says:

    Amazing fighters in their prime have always faced battles. For the great Ali it was standing up for what he believed in when it came to the draft. For Mike Tyson it was an overload of media and fame at a young age. For Jon Jones – it is himself.

  2. turd says:

    zach i have to agree with you

    jones is the dumbest fighter ever in mma

    he has lost millions the past two years because of his

    narcisstic personatliy. and drug fueled decisions.

    if he gets a two year suspension he is done. for sure.

    i bet the ufc is on the phone offering gsp a huge amount of money to come back

  3. jim allcorn says:

    Obviously, the evidence must be pretty damning if Dana & the boys were forced to pull the plug on Jones. And, if Jones’ people are to believed, it wasn’t a PED that he tested positive for. So, that leads one to believe that it was likely cocaine again.
    If so, the UFC has got to make a serious statement here & basically fire Jones. Cut him loose.It’s not as if he’ll be able to sign with another organization in order to get fights & make $$$, because he’ll likely be suspended for at least a year. If it does turn out to be nose candy then it’ll probably be even longer that that.

  4. Safari_Punch says:

    Will Brock pull a Cro Cop and demand more money last minute?

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Dont forget UFC 151 had to be cancelled because he refused to fight a Middleweight on short notice.

    He is a great talent with a stunted brain.

    Card is still worth buying based on its depth, but what a bad situation.

    I feel bad for Cormier. He is going to lose Millions.

    In a way this is karma for Dana White screwing with Conor over a press conference.

  6. turd says:

    from what i read he cant be pulled for cocaine he got flagged for roids or blood doping for sure, it has to be major for them to pull him at the last minute.

    so no they would not have pulled him for coke, you can only get pulled for coke if you test positive for it like a few days before a fight, plus coke leaves your system within two to three days .

  7. David Williams says:

    The UFC should just terminate Jones. He blew is last chance.

  8. jim allcorn says:

    I have to acknowledge that I was mistaken regarding the drug that Jones tested positive for. Mr. Turd is correct in that “recreational” drugs weren’t tested for, just PEDs.
    IMO this is even worse. One of the UFC’s top three stars busted for PEDs three days before he was set to headline the organization’s biggest show ever. Wow.
    There’s just no way to spin this.
    It’s a PR disaster, an insult to the fanbase that buys tickets & purchases PPVs & a black eye for the sport in general.

  9. Chris says:

    Can’t really add on anything to that Zach.

  10. King Famous says:

    Cormier should move to heavyweight.

  11. Bret says:

    I’m mad that he fucked up but really. So what. He obviously took something to help himself lose weight and got caught. Who really cares. This card is stacked and when jones comes back it will be epic. You guys act like he’s marrying your sister or something.

  12. Kushi Purac says:

    If Jones tests positive for coke, no one would be surprised.
    If he tests positive for steroids, it would be more surprising because he beat Cormier while partying and snorting coke off of strippers breasts as a training regimen and it would be more surprising than Silva because Spider was an aging superstar who lost twice and you can understand the reasons which pushed him to do it (i dont think it was the fear of the smaller Diaz but probably the need to rehab quickly and prove he was still the guy he once was. Which he isnt).

    But after seeing BJ Penn test ‘positive’ for going over the 50ml limit on IV’s as well as Romero, Means AND Machida get busted for supplements, it seems that we could finally have a case which will cause people to take a look at the risky game that is played with supplements.

    People didnt really seem to care so far but it was only a question of time that a top star (Lyoto is still a name but not a top star anymore) eventually gets busted because no one knows or certifies whats inside supplements.
    I thought Holm had a good chance to be the one caught since she is sponsored by a sup. company which sells products that would make you piss hot.
    Even Jones sup company has a product or two that have labels that the product might affect your drug tests.
    Anyone who has followed international sports knows that in the wild west of supplements, it was always a game of russian roulette that is played with athletes career (and in the case of olympic athletes they usually have only one or two chances to win a medal so its worse).
    If anyone pays attention to the tedious drug war and the hysteria it produces (“Someone could die!!!”), they know of the stories of olympic athletes not being able to use birth control, allergy medication and common over the counter medicine because of the drug testing.
    If Jones ends up being another UFC fighter who gets busted for tainted supplements, no one should be surprised. The past 20 yrs and the past few months in the UFC showed us that this was bound to happen. Not one cared then but now they will (which is always the case: people wait for something really bad to happen to notice things.)
    And now instead of having to worry about main events falling through because of injuries, we have entered an age where main events will be lost because of these things. This was bound to happen.

    My problem with the whole process is that releasing the first results so close to the shows means there is almost no chance of finding many fighters ready to jump in with 72hrs notice UNLESS the UFC decides to act like responsible adults and have always one fighter ready and training (by which I mean, pay them) to jump in on two days notice instead of the song and dance of looking for a solution which doenst make them look bush league.

    Another problem is that the way its set up now there is no time for a 2nd sample to be tested so in theory your 2nd sample could come back clean but two late for the card. And then what? Ooops, our bad? (is there laws protecting USADA from lawsuits if the first test is positive but 2nd is negative? if not, there should be big lawsuits)
    And even if the 2nd sample comes back 1-2 days before the fight, the emotional turmoil an athlete would go through and then allowed to fight would be just ridiculous.
    As Nate Diaz so well put it, we shouldnt be surprised that something like this could happen, And we shouldnt be surprised when a main event gets cancelled because of supplements. Machida’s failed test didnt really make much difference since it was a Fight Night, he’s not a star anymore and he wasnt a headliner.

    Of course, if it ends up being roids, everything I said about supplements still stands. If not Jones now, then it will be someone else.

    And by the way, I truly appreciate the balls on juicers like Hendo and Bigfoot shitting on Jones for PED’s. Its hard to find less self aware people than those two cheaters.

  13. DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL says:

    Watching his press conference, JJ comes off as guilty as hell.
    What was your attitude? JJ takes 30 seconds to answer this question and his body actually tries to leave to the left and right while his brain comes with an “attitude”.

    He goes on to say he’s looking for a positive in this, something good for his personal life. Thats damage control used by a person who has already acknowledged to them selves that they have been caught cheating. The only good that can come for JJ during a suspension is to figure out how to live without cheating, or how to cheat without getting caught.
    He’s crying for sympathy.

    Nail in the coffin is his reply to Sonnens question…

    Sonnen”Are you denying taking the substance you’re accused of or are you denying knowing it was on the banned list”

    JJ “Both!”

    Personally I think he was roiding during his suspension. His face really changed during that time, now its back to where it was.

    • rst says:

      “His face really changed during that time,…”
      I saw a weird picture.
      But that could be dehydrating for weigh-in.

      • DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL says:

        He was on PEDs during that time.
        No reason to take banned substances that are used to promote testosterone production unless you’ve done a cycle and need to get back to normal.
        He was also coming of a cycle back when he tested for coke, his testosterone was well below normal, which is a sign of coming of roids.

        Just look at all his fights, he fights dirty with headbuts illegal elbows eye pokes etc… not much of a stretch hes using peds…

  14. Tradition Rules says:

    Two days, *TWO DAYS*, before the biggest show/PPV in the history of the company and he fucks it up for everyone,…including himself.

    I just don’t know what else to say about this that everyone else hasn’t already said…

    An interesting note is that Dana did say that DC *WILL* fight @ UFC 200, they must be scrambling like crazy to find a replacement…

    • rst says:

      1. Everybody should have known he was irresposible.
      If you didn’t know that, blame that on you.

      2. There is nothing else to say, that you shouldn’t have told yourself.

  15. jim allcorn says:

    Of course, Jones & his people will fall back on the old “tainted supplements” excuse.
    So, tell me, why do fighters continue to ingest enough of these supplements to fill your local GNC store?
    I mean, I realize that some of them are beneficial & that the companies that produce them sponsor fighters & supply them with free supplements etc., but to me, it seems like the fighters are playing Russian roulette by putting this stuff in their bodies.
    And, I would think that by now, through trial & error, that fighters & their camps would know which brands of supplements are trustworthy & which aren’t. I would think that by now, fighters & their people would compare notes.
    Or, is it like the wild west in these camps & everyone is looking for an edge & they’re basically ingesting
    whatever these companies supply them with?

    • rst says:

      ” the old “tainted supplements” excuse.”

      Fall back on it if you can prove it.
      I still dont understand why Jon would choose to start cheating now, other then just being insane.

  16. turd says:

    heres my thing you would think jon , knowing that millions of dollars are at stake here would hire some guru or expert to monitor what supps he takes so this doesnt happen.

    i mean how dumb can he be

  17. 45 Huddle says:

    Cormier vs. Anderson Silva.

    Awesome replacement. What a stacked card.

    Screw Jones.

    AND….. Miesha Tate is now the Main Event. I love it.

    • Tradition Rules says:

      I felt that either one of the two other title fights should have been moved to the Main Event, ….and I’m glad they did. Especially since they were saying Brock vs Hunt would still only be a three round fight.

      And with McGregor never having defended the 145 lb. title even once and talk of him being done in that division, I personally consider (not that is means anything to anyone else ????) Frankie vs Jose for the TRUE 145 lb. championship.

      But I’m happy with Tate vs Nunes in the Main Event,…good for BOTH of them.

  18. The Gaijin says:


  19. DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL says:

    USADA has really hit “big rigg” hard. I’m calling him Johny “El camino” Hendricks from now on. Remember when he refused WADA testing before fighting GSP? Because it sounded shady? He was so juicing before, now he’s getting so wrecked.

    I plan to watch the entire event, even the less compelling bouts like el camino vs the other guy who has a hard time with weight cuts. Good work by USADA Im glad JJ is not getting any ufc 200 money, he’s got some more bad karma coming from breaking that womans arm and running away. Hopefully he’ll find a place where screwing up only gets him a 90 day suspension like bellator or Rizin in ’08.

    Post USADA Androstalone Silva may end up with another broken limb if dc tosses him about. I’m thinking with USADA and all the freaky match ups… UFC 200 is almost guaranteed to have some shocking freak injury.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      There are a LOT of fighters who look very different in the last year. There is a reason why 6 of the 10 divisions have changed champions in the last 365 days.

  20. DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL says:

    ufc 200 gets 2 stars out of 4
    sage fought a c level fighter to decision, that fight didnt belong on the card. Sage is just not a very good fighter. Looks great, does a decent flip,but doesn’t get the belt any time soon.

  21. 45 Huddle says:

    UFC 200 ended up being a strange event.

    1) It was nice to see Lesnar get the win, but the fight was awkward.

    2) Miesha Tate looked super nervous while she was walking out. And then she got wrecked.

    3) Cormier vs. Silva was a no win situation for everybody involved.

    4) Edgar vs. Aldo 2 was slow and Aldo almost never came forward the entire fight.


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