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USADA’s no-good, very-bad week is now dragging Floyd Mayweather & UFC into the mud

By Zach Arnold | September 11, 2015

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This was supposed to be a triumphant week for Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. His last victory lap after dethroning Manny Pacquiao.

Instead, Mayweather got sued by a woman for defamation for pre-fight comments and both Pacquiao & Arum got sued by fans for fraud due to Pacquiao’s shoulder injury.

Even worse, there is virtually no mainstream media attention for Mayweather’s victory lap fight against 35-to-1 underdog Andre Berto. Literally nobody cares. This was not how the master plan was supposed to work.

When the sharks smell blood in the water…

Thomas Hauser, firing on all cylinders. blitzed USADA & Floyd Mayweather with a devastating article at SB Nation claiming that USADA allowed Floyd Mayweather to use an IV that would have been banned under WADA standards. Hauser also claims that USADA does not allegedly disclose their drug testing results with athletic commissions. Hauser’s article raised the issue of granting “retroactive” Therapeutic Use Exemptions to certain fighters.

Nevada’s commission, once again, was backed into a corner. They denounced USADA’s granting of a TUE to Mayweather for two saline IV mixes.

Hauser’s article also hit on USADA’s lack of usage of Carbon Isotope Ratio tests for detective synthetic testosterone usage. Instead, Hauser alleges that USADA uses standard T/E ratio tests and that previous T/E ratios for Mayweather drug tests were 0.69 and 0.80, below a standard 1:1 T/E ratio for the average human being.

All of this matters because the UFC has entered into an agreement with USADA to oversee their personal drug testing program. Jeff Novitzky is the front man for UFC. Already, there is a growing fissure between Nevada’s athletic commission and USADA. On Thursday night, Lance Pugmire of The Los Angeles Times dropped this bomb:

The same Frank Mir who once got permission to use testosterone was getting permission from USADA to use Adderall. Pugmire’s LA Times article on this story details how furious Nevada is for creating confusion amongst the fighters as to what is allowed and who has jurisdiction regarding what is allowed thanks to USADA.

Throwing another monkey wrench into the proceedings is the alleged fact that parties signing contracts with USADA are bound to confidentiality clauses, at least if you believe what promoter Bob Arum has to say. Arum’s rather toned-down response this week to the Mayweather IV discovery was remarkable because of how realistic yet fatalistic the situation was. He could scream to the mountain top about USADA letting Mayweather use an IV but what good was it going to do Top Rank or his client?

If Nevada declares war on USADA, what will it mean for other state athletic commissions? At last week’s California State Athletic Commission in Los Angeles, USADA was on the meeting agenda to obtain approval as an approved drug collector for CSAC. What now?

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6 Responses to “USADA’s no-good, very-bad week is now dragging Floyd Mayweather & UFC into the mud”

    • DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL says:

      from that article…
      “Mir ended up losing to Arlovski by split decision.”
      Yeah mma articles, like most online articles, are pretty poor as far as fact checking. I seem to recall that was a unanimous dec for arlovski.

    • dave says:

      So if Frank Mir fights anywhere with a weak commission or where the UFC self regulates Frank Mir is cleared to fight on Adderall because USADA has approved him.

      Adderall is speed, It is a highly abused drug and most psychiatrists will not prescribe it because there are other drugs that work the same but are time release so are not able to be used like speed or coke. Vyvanse, Concerta etc.

      It’s pretty f’ed that the TUE’s are starting again for what are performing enhancing drugs.

      • DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL says:

        Mir needs adderall to focus. Otherwise when he’s told not to use Testosterone he doesn’t pay attention.


    If I order a shake and fries from burger shanty, and they tell me they ran out, then I have been denied. They can say they didn’t have enough time, but it doesn’t change the fact that it wasn’t available when requested and I was denied.

  2. Chris says:

    Words can’t describe…..


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