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What you need to know about California & new Therapeutic Use Exemption proposal

By Zach Arnold | December 3, 2014

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It turns out that Dr. VanBuren Ross Lemons may get his wish regarding a new TUE policy in the state of California.

The California State Athletic Commission, controlled by the Department of Consumer Affairs, as far as I know/recall didn’t bother posting a direct link to an October 31st notice by OAL in Sacramento. This notice starts the clock on public comment for a 45 day period. The Athletic Commission, for unknown reasons, did not post a direct link to this notice on their web site. Here is the notice link.

There will be a hearing at Consumer Affairs in Sacramento on Monday, December 15th at 10 AM regarding the new proposed regulations to adopt Dr. Lemons’ new TUE policy. Currently, state law disallows any sort of TUEs for fighters. However, this proposal would officially change the rules on the books.

All public correspondence supporting or opposing this new measure must be sent within the next 10 days to the Athletic Commission’s front office.

Heather Jackson
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 2010
Sacramento, California 95815
Phone: 916-263-2195
FAX: 916-263-2197

Without any sort of public opposition, the measure will be implemented. For those who want to see the actual text of this new proposed TUE policy, they have to contact the Athletic Commission ahead of the December 15th hearing.

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3 Responses to “What you need to know about California & new Therapeutic Use Exemption proposal”

  1. JV says:

    The ‘Gross Point Blank’ link needs to be updated to “”

    It’s a great podcast.

  2. Jeff Montelongo says:

    I don’t know why the CSAC would even consider not banning TRT indefinitely at this point. It is not worth the headache and PR nightmare that comes with it in the press or worth the time and energy and potential costs and efforts to regulate usage. Some guys need TRT to maintain their normal everyday health, fine. But so do fighters who are sick with the flu on the day of the fight but they are still not allowed to take certain prescribed medications and are still tested for them and will be busted if those banned substances are found in their system. Sure, TRT is a right to take in the real world but it is not a right in professional combat sports where there is a sanctioning body that chooses to ban it. Every state athletic commission just need to run away from the TRT issue by just banning it outright, it just plain isn’t worth it anymore

  3. Diaz's packed bowl says:

    OneFC 23 WOtW! Bibiano made my favorite list with that lightning fast rear naked choke!
    OneFC has officially graduated to the big show in the east with this mornings show. Take it from me, OneFC is the new better pride.

    OneFC gets it with the commentary. Having fighters Josh the punk and Rich Franklin working the event instead of the stale old joe and Goldy, or Anik and Kenny who sound alike and never have fighters join them for commentary.


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