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Fox Sports: "Zach Arnold's Fight Opinion site is one of the best spots on the Web for thought-provoking MMA pieces."

About us

Information about the people involved with this web site. For more information about this web site design, click here.

Fight Opinion is a media leader for coverage of the global Mixed Martial Arts industry. Our goal is to provide a worldwide perspective on the business by promoting both our site content and the content of dozens of other web sites. Our site’s mission is to create a web page that is one-stop shopping for Mixed Martial Arts fans around the world.

Start date: December 25th, 2005

Current staff

Zach Arnold

Founder of and creator of Fight Opinion Radio, Zach Arnold is a long-time professional wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts writer (focusing heavily on the North American & Japanese fight scenes, respectively).

Arnold has written articles on numerous web sites including,,, and He is also the founder of, a Japanese pro-wrestling web site started on June 20th, 2000.

Arnold has written about some of the biggest stories, scandals, and incidents that have taken place in the Japanese fight scene including:

To contact Zach, e-mail him at

Jeff Thaler

Currently the lead host of Fight Opinion Radio, Jeff is also the creator of the world’s first MMA blog (

Before joining Fight Opinion Radio, Jeff managed several MMA fighters (including Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Justin Levens, Robert Emerson, and Wander Braga) and was the color commentator for the WEC, IFC, and Shogun promotions.

In addition, Jeff has also been a reporter for many of the major MMA news sites (,, ADCC News, MaxFighting, and others).

He is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

To contact Jeff, e-mail him at


Erin Bucknell

Erin Bucknell is a long-time professional wrestling fan who is the owner of the web site.

She is an occasional contributor to the site, posting articles related to The Ultimate Fighter and participating as a guest host on Fight Opinion Radio.

Craig “Dr. J” Jolicoeur

Owner of Dr. J Enterprises LLC, Craig has been instrumental in the development of the Fight Opinion web site layout. His company focuses on web site development, along with hardware & software support. If you would like to donate money to him via PayPal, you can do so at For any business-related opportunities, please contact him here.

Craig is also the owner of two MMA web sites, and (a user-driven voting site to determine MMA fighter rankings).

Andy Griffiths

Based in the United Kingdom, Andy is a talented hand when it comes to web design, PHP, and WordPress. If you would like to donate money to him via PayPal, you can do so at Feel free to contact him for any business-related opportunities by visiting

John Griffin

Based in the United Kingdom, John Griffin focuses on building web applications. John’s initial help with the new layout of the Fight Opinion web site was important for the site’s development. If you would like to donate money to him via PayPal, you can do so at Feel free to contact him for any business-related opportunities by visiting