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Whats a Puppy Contract

By Zach Arnold | April 18, 2022

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The puppy contract is designed to help you get all the information you need before making the decision to buy your new puppy. The website guides you through the process of buying a puppy – from asking questions you should ask a breeder to understanding what their answers mean. Using the puppy contract also provides you with a legally binding purchase contract between you and the breeder, which gives you extra peace of mind. Ultimately, a dog is a trait and no contract can control the actions of a buyer/seller. If you meet the person you want to do business with and their actions are questionable, walk away. If a breeder wants to delay castration or sterilization, check with your veterinarian in advance and make sure they agree with this schedule. Ditto for other vet-related items for which breeders tend to be strong, such as. B food requirements and vaccination schedules. After decades of experience with dozens of litters, many have developed successful protocols that work for their family of dogs, and they include them in their contracts, with the hope that you will follow them. If your veterinarian and breeder are on the same page, avoid conflicts later. Was the puppy bred and raised to have special abilities? Some puppies come from a long line of champion show dogs or are bred for service, breeding or hunting. Be sure to list it in the contract.

If you only want to download the contract for the breeding or stud service, you can find a free printable template here. As a responsible person who breeds dogs, any puppy or adult dog you sell or buy must be accompanied by a well-written contract that both parties understand and accept. This serves to protect the buyer and seller from conditions that are not met, for example. However, there are skeletons and templates to help you visualize and see the main clauses that a dog and puppy purchase agreement should include. Depending on your situation (breed, objective and type of dog), it is important that you modify the model(s) you have chosen. For the most basic sales, you can simply work directly with the model. Although most contracts are simple and even boring, sometimes you will find scratches on the head. Consider, for example, the breeder who required puppy owners to send him a photo of the dog every December. However, their explanation made sense: a photo allows them to see if the dog is in good condition, and during the holiday season, most people tend to take and send photos anyway. A contract protects both the buyer and the seller by establishing the terms of this agreed transaction from the price to the provision of guarantees for the dog`s pedigree, veterinary checks, health examinations, vaccinations, registration, etc.

All this so that the buyer can`t turn around a few months later and accuse you of withholding information, and you can`t turn around a few months later and ask me for money, for example. Do you feel overwhelmed? Don`t be! Ultimately, a puppy contract is a small part of the final transaction. Sellers often offer buyers a sterilization contract not only to prevent you from raising the dog against their will, but also to protect the dog`s health. Many dogs can become more aggressive when the heat cycle begins and behaves unpredictably, which can get them into trouble or put them in danger. Some dogs may also be more susceptible to cancer and other health problems later in life if their reproductive organs are kept intact. A puppy contract is a binding document between the two parties – the breeder and the buyer – that clearly states expectations in terms of liability, medical and financial obligations. On the street, the buyer cannot accuse the seller of withholding information, and the seller cannot turn around and demand more money. A contract to buy pets also trumps all previous agreements and lays the foundation for a reputable business agreement.

In some cases, every puppy in a new litter needs a new contract. The Kennel Club has developed a fairly detailed puppy contract that can be used as a model. We strongly recommend that you use the puppy contracts we have provided at all times when buying or selling a puppy. These contracts will state everything clearly so that there are no accidents. You can also add or remove elements from the template if you need to be more responsive to your needs. If you sign a contract that someone else provides, we recommend that you take the time to read it carefully so you don`t miss anything in the fine print. An ethical buyer takes care of education, financial and medical care to ensure that the puppy spends the rest of his life in a loving home where he is happy. If it is a purebred dog, photos and explanations must be attached to the contract, because sometimes certain brands can either make a dog more valuable or be considered a mistake. The first section of the contract should be very clear about who the parties involved in the transaction are.

In this case, it is the buyer and the seller. The health of the puppy up to the point of sale is in the hands of the breeder. An ethical breeder will have kept pace with veterinary examinations and vaccinations. You must list all medical treatments, injections and medications in the contract, if any. When you download the dog breeder`s manual, you have included the library of contracts at no additional cost. You have them on hand: A signed contract indicates the responsibility assumed for the protection of the dog. The American Kennel Club, for example, offers clear written agreements that define each party`s obligations. Only concrete comments have their place here, it is not necessary to say that the puppy is adorable and calm. It makes no sense in a contract. Please note that the perfect puppy contract does not exist. You need to make an agreement that meets the needs of both parties. .

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