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What Is the Icalendar Format

By Zach Arnold | April 16, 2022

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iCal is usually used as a medium to store booking information. For example, a hotel may have 20 rooms for sale. It allocates 10 rooms to LetsGoHoliday and the other 10 rooms to AirBnB. With iCal, hotel owners can track the availability of all 20 rooms from their smartphone without having to log in to two different websites. Most calendar apps support the iCalendar format (also known as iCal or ICS format or IETF RFC 5545 standard if you`re a real geek). This provides a standard way for an app to “view” calendars stored in other apps, which is more convenient than manually managing two versions of the same calendar or switching between multiple apps. For example, you can view your Google calendar in an iPhone app or your Zoho calendar in Don`t have a calendar yet? No problem – it`s easy to set up a new calendar. Google Calendar is used by individuals and businesses. And what should we not love? It`s free, easy to use, and easy to share. If you want to share a Google calendar with another app, just follow these instructions: BEGIN:VCALENDAR [Calendar Information] END:VCALENDAR IronCAD can definitely export an ICS file via a File menu option > Save As or Export to another CAD format. has a feature that allows users to export an iCalendar file that stores free/busy information.

Since iCalendar is a standard format, this means that you can use this feature to get all the information from about your favorite calendar app. This allows you, for example, to easily see at a glance which rooms are occupied from your smartphone. iCalendar objects are organized into different lines of text. “Content Lines”. In this file format, the CRLF sequence ends with one line, while the line length is limited to 75 bytes without a line break. A long data item can be stretched across multiple rows. iCalendar files typically have a .ical, .ics, .ifb, or .icalendar file extension with a text/calendar MIME type. iCalendar is designed as an open standard to enable easy interoperability with many different applications. In other words, it allows products from many vendors to transfer calendar information between them. Although ICS is much more popular, iCalendar files can use the ICAL or ICALENDER file extension instead. iCalendar files that contain only free/busy information are saved with IFB or IFBF extension on Mac. Softinn Solution, which creates a booking engine for hotels, also supports importing iCal calendar from other travel platforms such as AirBnB and

This integration provides a hassle-free experience for hotel owners as they can easily verify all their information. iCalendar, or ICS, is a standardized format for storing and transferring calendar data, including scheduled events and to-do lists. People often associate it with Apple`s iCal program (now just “Calendar”), but it`s a standardized format with an official RFC document (RFC 5545) and the format is supported by many calendar programs, including Google Calendar and Mozilla Lightning (plugin for Thunderbird). Microsoft Outlook does the typical Microsoft thing of supporting something that is vaguely similar to the norm but full of weird incompatibilities. However, in their defense, they initially supported vCalendar, a format that is a predecessor of iCalendar and has a very similar structure. When the iCalendar standard was later developed from it by other vendors, Microsoft initially only partially supported it (although support was improved in later versions). iCalendar information is stored in plain text format and uses the default UTF-8 character set. Information in iCalendar format is usually transferred either into icS from IFB files. ICS files store information about calendar events and IFB files store free/busy information. The lines of the iCalendar files are limited to 75 bytes (1 character can be encoded by several bytes) and are terminated by CR+LF.

Several types of components can be stored in VCALENDAR. These include: VEVENT for events, VTODO for tasks, VJOURNAL for log entry, VFREEBUSY for free/busy time, VAVAILABILITY for free/busy information, VTIMEZONE for time zones, VALARM for alarms. A typical ICS file contains only VEVENT objects, because these objects are supported by almost all scheduling and calendar programs. A regular text editor like Notepad can also open ICS files (see others in our list of the best free text editors). However, while all the information is intact and visible, what you`ll be looking at isn`t in a format that`s easiest to read or edit. It is best to use one of the above programs to open and edit ICS files. iCalendar is a standard way to transfer calendar information between computer systems. The standard allows products from many suppliers to transfer calendar information between them. .

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