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Ucd Hosting Agreement

By Zach Arnold | October 12, 2021

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Yes, spouses of a researcher within the scope of a hosting agreement receive an immigration stamp (1G) and can work without the need for a work permit. Principal investigators who intend to hire a researcher from a third country must, as is currently the case, complete an appointment form. The appointment form should clearly indicate that the employee needs a hosting agreement and email contact information for the employee and the IP. Researchers who do not register with GNIB risk revocation of their hosting agreement, risk delays in their applications for residence and end up risking deportation. UCC is an accredited research organisation and may, as such, conclude hosting agreements with third-country nationals (third-country nationals) for research purposes at the university. Persons from visa-required countries may apply for a multiple-entry visa once they have registered in Ireland. Within three months of arriving in Ireland, researchers from non-EEA countries must register with their local immigration officer. An Immigration Registration Card (GNIB Registration Card) is issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau to a registered EEA national. A fee of € 300 is levied for each immigration certificate issued (residence permit).

People who have contracts with a duration of less than or more than 18 months will receive a GNIB card for the entire duration of the hosting agreement, which can normally be renewed after 12 months, subject to immigration rules. It is the employee`s responsibility to maintain his or her authorization to stay up to date and the resulting costs must be borne by the employee. EURAXESS Ireland wishes to ensure the smooth running of accommodation contracts for HEA accredited institutions and companies in the covid 19 crisis. This document adapts the information and consolidates the information published on 30 March 2020 in the COVID-19 Employment Permits System Contingency Arrangements of the Employment Permit Section, Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation, with procedures relating exclusively to holders of hosting agreements and institutions to researchers on hosting arrangements concluded in Ireland in accordance with Council Directive 2005/EC/71 (Directive on researchers of third countries). . . .

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