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Shop Tenancy Agreement Singapore

By Zach Arnold | October 7, 2021

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The authorized use of the premises and the purpose of the rental: it indicates the limits of the use of the premises by the owner of the company #39. The owner of the business is prevented from using the premises for non-consensual activities, for example, if the agreement is to use the premises to open a perfumery, the tenant is prohibited from carrying out another blacksmithing activity. I want to know if I am able to claim any form of compensation from my tenant (our lease had expired), and I still maintain the deposit. Exclusivity clause: the clause that prohibits direct competition and gives you the exclusive right to sell a specific category of products or carry out this type of activity in stores controlled by the same owner. When executing the rental agreement, the tenant must normally pay stamp duty and the lessor`s legal fees and expenses when establishing the rental agreement. When taking charge of the destroyed premises, the tenant also pays a deposit which must be held by the lessor and reimbursed within an agreed period from the date of the fixing or early termination of the rental contract (reasonable deductions). Stamp duty must be paid as follows on the indicated rent or on the market rent, whichever is greater. In the case of a new lease, the rent payable is revised to the prevailing market rent or remains at the existing rent, whichever is greater. If the existing tenant does not choose a new term, the rent to be paid for the remaining term remains at the existing rent. As for your case, no, I think you don`t have to pay for an extra month of leasing. The deposit should already be covered. In addition, these conditions are not included in the rental agreement and therefore should not be applied.

A commercial lease protects the legal rights of the lessor and tenant by clearly setting out the terms of the rental/lease agreement, thereby reducing the likelihood of future disputes between the lessor and the tenant. Can we specify what is the official start date of the mandate in accordance with the signed rental agreement? If it says the lease starts on April 1, the landlord (or his son) should not be allowed to look for another tenant to replace your existing contract.. . .

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