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Master Development And Supply Agreement Apple

By Zach Arnold | September 26, 2021

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7.1.2 Apple has a period of [***] from the date of receipt of such submission (unless extended by mutual agreement between the parties and provided that GTAT provides all the details necessary to enable Apple`s assessment, failing which the period [***] will begin to receive all such information from GTAT in text form to assess its interest in such new manufacturing technology. Apple`s evaluation may include the use of New Manufacturing Technology in a field trial on commercially available Apple products. GTAT will, at Apple`s request, provide adequate quantities of samples of the new manufacturing technology (the “NFT Models”). NFT samples are made available to Apple at GTAT`s actual costs (i.e. no profit margin), but the first dollars [***] worth [**] during each evaluation period [***] are provided by GTAT [***]. To the extent that Apple or its supply chain partners need to use a new manufacturing technology to facilitate the assessment process, this new manufacturing technology can be used without any compensation, including royalties. 7.1.3 If Apple finds that it wishes to acquire rights to use or purchase a new manufacturing technology, the parties will negotiate in good faith, during the evaluation period [***], the terms of a license, commercial agreement or other agreement that will govern Apple`s rights in such new manufacturing technology. 7.1.5 For any new manufacturing technology, GTAT will not offer, negotiate or enter into any agreement with any third party that, prior to the expiration of Apple`s evaluation period [***], grants exclusive licenses or other exclusive rights with respect to such new manufacturing technology. For the avoidance of doubt, GTAT may enter into an agreement with any other party one year after the end of the evaluation period [***] regarding this new manufacturing technology, including but not limited to the granting of exclusive rights in a single application. And that`s the end of this love letter to Apple and its lawyers.

Manufacturer: You will be well served if you address this MDSA to your advisor (inside or outside) and ask if your delivery contracts are so beautiful. And do it on both sides – there are things that should never be in your contract if you`re the supplier and have minimal bargaining power. I know I will continue to check it out for new lessons. 4.2 Subject to the above sentence, gtat will immediately apply all such changes, whenever Apple changes the specifications of a product, and despite any difference of opinion on the costs associated with the implementation of such a modified specification, including the aging of stocks throughout GTAT`s supply chain, and will produce and deliver all such products within the prescribed time frame. 3.7 In the event of a disagreement on the price to be charged for the goods, GTAT will continue to produce all of these products and will deliver them in a timely manner to Apple as part of the delivery obligation, in accordance with current forecasts. . . .

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