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Lpo Agreement

By Zach Arnold | September 26, 2021

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PoAAL`s association rules have a secret clause – so we doubt we will ever see this agreement. Our only hope is that an external organization (ACCC, lay people) will receive a copy (which would likely initiate legal action) or modify our agreement to remove the reference and imprison POAAL on us. Personally, I believe that the consulting agreement will prove to be Pandora`s virtual box of revelations, which will embarrass both AP and Pooal and pave the way for legal action for compensation not only from AP, but also from Pooal, negligence and lack of diligence. This will be, I believe, the reason why neither AP nor Pooal want to publish the document… If I`m right, just imagine the regrowth. CEOs who have been forced to close are also entitled to compensation not only for income, but also for the pain and suffering and financial loss caused by having to close. This could well turn out to be huge. Again, if I`m right, if it looks like we can force her to publish a copy. I would put money to hammer the file shredders to AP, and Pooal will run hot and the lawyers run out of their feet and transfer assets. Once again.

I could be wrong. But until I`m wrong, I think I`m right. !!! Otherwise. AP and Pooal….. PROVE ME FALSE and release the deal if you have nothing to hide. YOU HURT ME, AND ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY, every day you refuse to do so. !!!!! Do you have any information on how the agreement was drawn up? Information on the rules and payments actually envisaged? An idea, who could know? No licensee of which we are aware has received a copy of the consulting contract. Apparently, it`s “commercial in trust.” Nothing for licensees? As incredible as it sounds.

No licensee of which we are aware have seen the operation of the payment system. How were the payments arranged? Who developed it? Who checked? Who agreed? What was the basis of the business model? Given that licensees are now exploited by the Australia Post and ignored by POAAL, these issues are becoming very current. The LPO agreement needs to be thoroughly revised, but should it be rejected or modernized? How would we know if we had never seen the bones of the thing? How can we be a party to an agreement controlled by a separate secret agreement? Isn`t there a legal vacuum somewhere? We are not members of this other “representative” party who know nothing about our individual affairs, who have never been here, but who say that they represent us. They`re not going to return calls or confirm registered letters, so how can they say they represent us if they don`t communicate with us? False fake. But stupid me, AP make their own rules and are above the law. Between 1992 and 1993, Australia Post and POAAL designed and implemented the LPO agreement and then entered into an advisory agreement on the management of the LPO agreement that dictates all things related to life in an LPO. And the licensees have remained in the dark about it ever since. Many companies lack the technology and resources to effectively manage contracts. Premikati uses Ariba® Contract Management Professional™ to overcome issues such as lack of expiration date tracking, renewal terms and price increases, service level agreements, termination clauses, counter-signatures and more…

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