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Land Agreements In Kenya

By Zach Arnold | September 24, 2021

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Article 40 of the Constitution states that everyone has the right to acquire and own all kinds of property in any part of Kenya, including land. There are several ways to acquire land in Kenya, such as: real estate agents can be mandated to identify a buyer or seller or an owner or tenant. They also help in negotiations on trade conditions. Brokers are subject to the provisions of the Real Estate Agents Act (Cap 533) and the codes of conduct published by the Board of Directors of the Estate Agents (board). Agents receive from the Board of Directors registration certificates as well as annual practical certificates. The following people can apply to become a real estate agent: Carrying out an official cadastre search against the title is the minimum measure taken before the crystallization of land transactions. The government guarantees the title, but the same can be challenged (see question 13). Let`s go back to our friend Dancan. It is apparent from the above story that the land sale agreement did not comply with the minimum standards set by law. As a result, Dancan`s land sale was not valid, meaning he cannot be tried. Therefore, in the eyes of the law, the sale is not carried out at all.

• formal possession and possession; When taking possession of land, the NLC informs the registered owner of the land and the registrar that ownership of the land has taken place and that the land has been transferred, if necessary, to the national or regional government. • Transfer of land titles, whether by sale or inheritance (land ownership) A lender may designate a beneficiary of the income of the affected country or lease the affected land before taking possession of the affected land. . . .

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