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Is A Verbal Lease Agreement Binding In Florida

By Zach Arnold | September 24, 2021

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A written lease is usually favored because it eliminates any confusion. A written lease clearly sets out the duration of the lease, the liability of the tenant and the lessor, the late fees, the payment terms and the deposit. A written lease also protects you from unexpected interest rate hikes and evictions. As with a written lease agreement, a termination of the lease is required prior to the termination of an oral lease. The exact time needed to terminate the contract depends on the duration of the lease. Pursuant to Section 83.57 of the Florida Statute, each party must notify in writing the intention to terminate the lease at least seven days and no more than 60 days before the end of a rental period. A contract is an agreement between natural or legal persons (e.g. B enterprises) in which a party undertakes to provide a service or goods against payment of money or other goods or services.

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