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Breaking Verbal Custody Agreement

By Zach Arnold | September 12, 2021

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Scott Trout, managing partner and CEO of Cordell & Cordell, spoke on the Men`s Divorce podcast about how a former client had reached an oral agreement with his ex-spouse to pay less support than stated in the decree and had written evidence of the oral agreement. In addition, the General Court honours only what it considers to be legal and binding documentation. Even if both parties agree to reduce the amount of child support, to abolish child support or otherwise distribute their secular property, the Family Law Department may terminate the oral agreement. Many parents establish this oral agreement on the basis of their current situation, without looking to the future. The problem is that the situation of both parents will change over time, and this will put you in touch with childcare. Some states, such as Washington, D.C., keep information about helping children separated from custody agreements. Check the local rules. Even if you get along with your ex and ex and both care about your child`s well-being, it`s still important that you submit your custody to court instead of just making a simple oral agreement. . . .

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