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Hosting Agreement Austria

By Zach Arnold | April 9, 2021

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Researchers employed by an Austrian research organization as part of a hospitality agreement meet the requirement of “health insurance covering all risks” under the legal insurance associated with this activity. Assuming that the salary exceeds the limit of 460.66 euros per month (from 2020) and is automatically covered by health insurance (as well as by accident and pension insurance). If all conditions are met, the “researcher counting permit” is granted for a period of two years. If the hosting contract is shorter, your billing authorization will be issued for the duration of your hosting contract plus three months. If you have requested a shorter period or if your travel document is valid for a shorter period of time, your counting authorization will be issued for a shorter period. Researchers with a accommodation contract who are in Austria with an employment visa or a “researcher-to-implantation permit” can start the research activities mentioned in their accommodation contract without further authorization. Third-country nationals only receive a residence permit if they can also prove that they have health insurance covering “all risks”. Travel health insurance is only sufficient for the period until “health insurance for all risks” can be taken out after entry. If you are an EU citizen who wishes to obtain a registration certificate, you need the following documents: As a US citizen, obtaining a visa in Austria is a procedure similar to that of other third-country nationals. Applicants must provide biometric data as part of their application. Frequent travellers in the Schengen area do not need to give their fingerprints every time they apply for a visa, as this information is stored.

You can also submit your application to the relevant Austrian representative authority in your country of residence and wait for its decision (in this case, however, you should expect a longer processing period). If you want to start your search immediately after entering, you must apply for a visa for a professional activity before entering Austria (visa D, the addition of the “purchase” addition is added to the visa). When applying for a visa, you must submit all necessary documents to obtain a “billing authorization – researchers” (see checklist). It is only with such a visa that you are allowed to start your search activities immediately after entry. After entering Austria, you can apply for a “authorisation to set up a searcher” from the local authority responsible for staying in Austria.

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