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Beef Purchase Agreement

By Zach Arnold | April 8, 2021

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A non-refundable bond of $100 will be required for the purchase of Natural Freezer Beef at Bigham Family Farm for the reported quantity (total, half-quarter or split quarter). 2013 Beef Price – $2.15/lb (based on suspended weight) The ordered animal is taken to a meat processor where it is cut to your specifications. The amounts of each cut may vary depending on the thickness of the cuts. They are responsible for paying the processing plant for their work (transformation, packaging, special cuttings, etc.) before the date of collection. The payment of the meat is due in full to Brian and Kristin Bigham before the pickup. The final balance is calculated if we get the suspended weight of the processor. You can pick up your meat from the processor or arrange on-site delivery or pickup for an extra fee ($25.00). The animals are sold on the basis of the suspended weight, which is about 62% of the live weight. Taking the weight of meat at home is about 50% of the live weight or 80% of the weight suspended. Please note that quantities are limited and orders are filled according to the first-come-first service base. If an order is accepted with an online deposit and we discover that we have exhausted our available offer, your deposit will be refunded (if paid by credit card).

Furthermore, the deposits are non-refundable and the agreement executed is a binding contract for the animal and the quantity requested. You can place your order by downloading and sending your completed Bigham Family Farm Natural Beef Order Form agreement, or by placing your order online, with the option of sending a cheque or paying securely by credit card. . For the fall, contact us first to check the availability for our beef orders (for example, in the past we were limited to 3 bulls – or the potential for 12 split quarters maximum or equivalent, if half or whole). Credit card payments are secure and secure with PayPal (no PayPal account is required), however, a processing fee of $3.50 (3.5%) calculated. in addition to the $100 down payment to cover our credit card comfort fees for a total of $103.50 down payment.

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