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Shopify Vendor Agreement

By Zach Arnold | December 16, 2020

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Although the law does not require an e-commerce store to have terms and conditions, we show you why it is so important to have one and why no e-commerce store should be without this agreement. We also help you create your own. You should regularly update your terms and conditions. Etsy, for example, reserves the right to make changes and notify users only if it believes the changes are essential. Otherwise, it is up to the user to regularly check the terms of use of the terms of use: by accessing or using the Shopify API, you accept shopify API and terms of use with Shopify Inc. and its associated companies (“we,” “unser,” “us” or “Shopify”). Please read these conditions carefully, as this is a legally binding agreement. Shopify reserves the right to update and change terms and conditions by publishing updates and changes here: If a significant change is made, we will provide an appropriate email message and post a message on the Shopify Partners blog, on the partners dashboard or on the Merchant store administrator. We can update these conditions from time to time, so please check any changes that might affect you. In the event of a conflict or conflict between Shopify`s terms, partnership agreement or terms of use, the conditions apply to the extent necessary to resolve such a conflict or conflict.

The “reference plan” is a participation plan for partners who introduce Shopify to a referenced reseller via a development memory attached to the recommendation partner partner dashboard. According to the reference plan, a partner is entitled to a percentage of certain revenues generated by such a distributor referenced and determined by Shopify at its sole discretion, shopify entitled to the remaining percentage. To continue to receive a share of revenue for the traders mentioned in the reference plan, the partner must carry out at least one revenue production activity for each period of 12 consecutive months. A description of the current turnover shares applicable to the partners, amounts that can be included in the partner`s share of turnover and a description of the current revenue generation activities are available at: Shopify reserves the right to review from time to time, at its discretion, the share of revenue applicable to the reference plan and all outstanding revenue obligations (including revenue generation activities required) to the partner, at his discretion, on reasonable notice. This message is sent by email, posting a message on the Shopify blog or on the partner dashboard. By using Google Payment in your store, you agree to be bound by the terms of use of the Google Payment API, as these can be changed from time to time by Google. If Google changes the terms of use of the Google Payment API, the modified and revised version is published here:

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