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Red Hat Agreement

By Zach Arnold | December 15, 2020

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3. Restricted warranty. Except in this section 3, a separate agreement with Red Hat or a license for a particular component, in accordance with existing legislation, programs and components are made available and granted without explicit or tacit guarantees “as intended,” including tacit guarantees of cashing, non-counterfeiting or suitability for a specific purpose. Red Hat ensures that the media on which the programs and components provide are free of hardware and manufacturing errors in normal use for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of delivery to the user. Red Hat does not guarantee that the functions contained in the programs meet the user`s needs or that the operation of the programs is completely bug-free, as stated in the accompanying documentation or complies with legal requirements. This guarantee applies only to the party who acquires services related to Red Hat programs or an authorized Red Hat distributor. Red Hat Linux is a modular operating system made up of hundreds of individual software components, each written individually and copyrighted. In this document, these components are called “Linux programs” individually and collectively. Each Linux program has its own valid end-user license agreement. Most Linux programs are licensed under an open source EBA that allows you to copy, edit and redistribute the software in both source and binary code.

With the exception of the content of some image files listed below, the remaining Linux programs are freeware or have been placed in the public domain. To understand the applicable CLA for each Linux program, your rights relative to it and realize the maximum benefits you have with Red Hat Linux, you need to read the online documentation that is attached to each Linux program. Nothing in this licensing agreement limits your rights under the terms of an applicable CLUE or grants you rights that they demece. 1.1 License grant. Red Hat Directory Server (“HRDS”), Enterprise Security Client (ESC) and Auto Enrollment Proxy (“AEP”) are modular applications, consisting of hundreds of software components and having collective works under U.S. copyright. Subject to the following conditions, Red Hat, Inc. (“Red Hat”) grants you (“User”) an indeterminate global license for HRDS, ESC and AEP in accordance with the GNU v.2 General Public License (“LPG”).

Please note that Administration Server and Red Hat Management Console, which are only binary codes for the configuration and management of HRSD, are subject to section 2 licensing conditions. The end-user license agreement for each component of HRSD, ESC and AEP is in the component`s source code. With the exception of some image files specified in section 1.3 below, the licensing conditions for components allow the user to copy, modify and redistribute the component into source and binary code forms. This Board does not limit the user`s rights to the licensing conditions of a particular component or grants successor user rights.

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