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Qualys License Agreement

By Zach Arnold | December 15, 2020

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The Privacy Policy, which outlines our policies on how we collect, use, maintain and share your personal data, is found in, the content of which is as described. Every time you download or submit content (or if you try to do so), you confirm your consent and consent to be bound to all the terms of this agreement. The instructions for downloading content are available on the website`s website for downloading content. To be considered when publishing and posting on the site, the content must meet all specifications and requirements (including age) with respect to formatting, compatibility, operational features and filing (hereafter). By downloading or submitting content to the site, you declare and guarantee that you have all the necessary rights, including copyright, over the content or in any other way, and you have the right to use it under this Agreement; (b) all the information you have provided is true, accurate, current, complete and is not contrary to this agreement; (c) you have full right, the power and power to conclude and execute this agreement and to have obtained all consents, licences, waivers and third-party privileges necessary for the conclusion and implementation of this agreement, including, but not limited, the privacy, advertising and personality rights of third parties whose names, similarities, photos, animated representations or actual or reproduced voices are represented in the content; (d) we are not required to make payments for the authorized use of the content you have submitted, including, but not only, payments to you, third parties who assert rights through you or other means, publishers, agents, service rights companies, people who have contributed to them or their names, images, photos, animated representations or real or relegated voices appear in such content, to your licensees, unions or gilds; and (e) the content you submitted does not infringe or abuse the rights of others, including, but not limited, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, privacy rights, moral or other property rights of a third party, (ii) against the law, law, regulation or regulation in force, (iii) defamatory, commercial, on a leash, fraudulent, inconvenient, insulting, threatening, threatening, harmful, indecent, pornographic or obscene, (iv) of deceit, excessive charges on, obstructing or attempting to facilitate access. (v) send spam, chain letters or other unwanted mass emails, spam or duplicated messages to other users of the site; (vi) collect information about other users of the website in any way, without their consent, or systematically extract data or data fields, including financial data or email addresses, from the website or our computer systems, without their consent; (vii) strive to gain unauthorized access to another user`s computer systems or computer systems, or to participate in activities that disrupt site quality, compromise or compromise site performance, or (viii) contain viruses, Trojans, programming delay bombs or other programming routines or other elements affecting computer systems or data.

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