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Olp Agreement

By Zach Arnold | December 13, 2020

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When you order your licenses, you will receive an email attachment with some basic information about your consent. When you open the file, it is similar: you may have noticed that this order confirmation does not contain product keys. To get your keys and download the software, you need to connect to the Volume Licensing Services Center. Be sure to log in to the same email address that is related to your order. Your license agreement must be automatically displayed in the system, but if not for some reason, you can add it to your account with the authorization number and license number. There are a few things to consider on this last date. First of all, one of the nice things about Microsoft`s licensing agreements is that they always postpone the expiration date to the end of the month in order to keep things simple. As you can see in the sample above, this order was placed on January 4, 2016 and the authorization number and its expires in two years, plus some changes: January 31, 2018. So, a word to the wise, if you buy your SA subscription at the beginning of the month, then you will get a little more time.

Second, I sometimes get a question from a bemused customer who wonders if his licenses expire after the “expiry date” in his agreement. It is important to note that not all indeterminate licences listed in the agreement pass by that date. Indeterminate licences last forever. This “expiry date” applies only to the authorization number and all SS listed in this agreement. After that date, you will no longer be able to use this authorization number to order additional licenses and you will no longer be able to access SA benefits, but you can use the licenses for as long as you like. So you made the leap! You ordered your first Microsoft Open license agreement! You get the order confirmation in your inbox, you breathe, you double on the attached file. You`re so excited that you can barely keep your mouse stable… but then the file opens, and you will be confronted with a technical document filled with confusing numbers, dates and legal terminology. What are you doing? For example, if Acme Industries decides to order a few additional licenses from SA in November 2016 and they use the same authorization number as the one mentioned above, they pay for 24 months of SA, but receive only 15. Instead, Acme Industries is expected to launch a new agreement with a new authorization number. Microsoft allows you to have more than one authorization number at the same time to solve this problem. This plan to end the open license program now only applies to Microsoft`s commercial customers.

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