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Agreement Definition Section

By Zach Arnold | December 1, 2020

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In the text text for the text of the text for the body contract, the defined term should not be emphasized or printed in bold (unless it characterizes the definition that immediately precedes – see best practice rule 13). Defined terms are only highlighted for clarity reasons. If an article or part of a statute, regulation or other contract is referred to, write “article” or “section” (without capital). 21) Where a definition must also include a future version, value or change, it must describe the term in question with the words “from time to time.” A document is usually divided into several numbered components, so that some sections can be easily located. The supremacy clause, for example, is part of Article IV of the U.S. Constitution. A circular definition is a term that is defined directly or indirectly by reference to the same term. Circular definitions appear in mixed definitions or when several defined terms are linked. This rule of good practice is important; Let us repeat: never include an obligation, a condition or a guarantee in the definition.

The licensing agreement refers to the license agreement that is attached to Calendar 3. Complications caused by the inclusion of an obligation in the definition are difficult to monitor and a right to compensation or payment is problematic: the definition includes a duty of the licensee, the provision of the contract contains a right of the donor to the contribution of the taker; but what happens if the licensee asks the donor to develop his design (for example. B to meet the requirements of the licensee`s technical designs)? It is disconcerting that a word or concept is defined (for example. B products sold under the agreement are “all products listed in the appendix”) and that the agreement refers to similar terms or terms. For example, it is disconcerting that the agreement relates interchangeably to “goods,” “products listed in the schedule” and “products under this agreement.” Confusion leads to questions of ambiguity and interpretation. Another example: a deposit agreement could relate to the terms set out in the underlying credit contract. This would ensure that the definitions contained in both agreements are exactly the same. If the scope of the collateral is to “follow” the changes, additions and additions to the credit contract, the reference to the contract should not prevent this. Insertion from time to time avoids ambiguities. This rule of good practice is well established and prevents greater clarity as to how defined concepts and definitions work. Example: these definitions, which refer to other definitions, are often omitted. A section, phrase, paragraph or segment of a legal document, for example.

B a contract, deed, will or constitution dealing with a particular point. All disputes related to this agreement or other agreements arising from this agreement will be settled definitively in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Dutch Arbitration Institute. 7) If a term is defined, do not repeat part of its definition related to the use of the defined term. The extension of the scope of the definition can be included in the provision, warranty or the corresponding material condition. Therefore, if this additional text is repeated multiple times, you should create an additional defined term that inserted the defined term. 23) The definition of a person, corporation or entity should be consistent with the information provided to the parties. If a word or concept is used only once in the treaty, it is sufficient to specify that word or concept in a later sentence or paragraph. Finally, defined terms and definitions are used to facilitate the interpretation of a contract.

Do not use adjectives in the body of text to distinguish, describe or restrict certain defined terms of certain terms that fall under the same definition, unless the replacement of the definition by the defined term corresponds fully (and without horses) to the intended meaning of that defined term.

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