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Afl Cba Agreement

By Zach Arnold | December 1, 2020

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The AFL and the AFL Players` Association have agreed on a revised compensation contract for 2021. Each year of the agreement, the number of complementary agreements increases by 3% (3.8% in the first year). Club salary caps were increased by player marketing bonuses of $1.06 million. Additional service agreements available to the 18 teams will increase by 3.8 percent this year and 3 percent per season for the final five years of the six-year contract signed this week. This means that clubs will have to offer a total of $13.7 million to their players next season. Please note that this document does not reflect the revised CBA agreement between the AFL and the AFLPA for 2021. More information about these changes can be found in the attached press note. The conclusion of the tv agreement, in which Seven extended its contract until 2024 and revised the terms of its contract expiring at the end of 2022, gave the AFL some certainty about the potential revenue by the end of 2022. The AFL and the AFL Players` Association have agreed to amend the collective agreement for 2021 in response to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and have also agreed to develop a new agreement for the period 2022-2024. All additional revenue generated by the verification mechanism will be paid into players` pension accounts in years 3 and 6 of the agreement.

This is in addition to an additional $6 million in funding in players` retirement accounts over the six years (now $15 million per year). The AFL Players` Association is waiting for the AFL to provide the information it needs to start discussions on a revised wage agreement, which is the AFL`s next urgent priority, after signing a renegotiated broadcast agreement with Seven, Foxtel and Telstra on Thursday night. The AP said it needed to convince in order to make substantial changes to the existing agreement, which has player payments of $13,273,522 for each club in 2021.

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