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The real questions not being asked in Fallon Fox/Florida debacle (Cynthia Hefren, Frank Gentile, Kathy Gentile)

By Zach Arnold | March 6, 2013

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To read our prior articles on the mess with Florida’s athletic commission, CLICK HERE.

ESPN has posted the fighter application form transgender fighter Fallon Fox signed to compete last weekend in a women’s MMA tournament in South Florida.

Look at page three of the application carefully. See the name of the “commission representative” who signed off on the application? It’s Kathy Gentile, an event coordinator for Florida’s commission. Her husband, Frank Gentile, is the commission’s boss (along with state auditor Cynthia Hefren). Frank & Kathy’s son also works as an inspector. With Frank in charge, the whole deal is a huge conflict-of-interest.

Kathy Gentile and son have been removed from updated Florida tax records on the commission front. I guess removal doesn’t mean they were actually removed from their job positions. Of course not. Florida’s DBPR is the same outfit that is keeping the disgraced Jami Alise (McClellan) Molloy & lifer-since-1985 Christa Patterson on state payroll.

But, there is one overarching question here regarding the whole process in Florida. Obviously, nobody did their due diligence in the state of Florida regarding the medicals of one Fallon Fox. So, who was the doctor at the weigh-ins and the doctor(s) at the day of the Miami show that was supposed to follow proper medical testing procedures regarding ALL the scheduled fighters on the cards?

Florida claims the doctors booked for the show were Dr. Allan Fields & Dr. Jerome Obed. So, are they doctors who didn’t do the medical checks or are we going to see the bureaucrats (Frank Gentile, Kathy Gentile, Cynthia Hefren) try to dump their incompetence on the doctors in question?

Look at the results sheet. It says that Florida allowed four fighters to be booked with “pending” license status. For most commissions at the day of weigh-ins, fighters can pay for their license there, have the promoter pay the commission for the fee and take it out of the fighter’s purse, or the fighter can pay ahead of time by sending the money to the commission’s main state office.

So, what happened in Florida then?

On the Florida form Fallon Fox filled out, it says: “Applicant must apply for National MMA ID Card in the state/province in which he/she is a resident.” Fallon Fox resides in Illinois, so that form was filled out correctly.

“Applicant understands that he/she will not be allowed to compete without a National MMA ID Card.”

Why did Florida sign off on four fighters on the show who didn’t have a finalized/processed ABC MMA ID card?

Fox filled out the paperwork on February 18th, 2013. Kathy Gentile signed off on the paperwork March 1st, 2013, which was the day of the weigh-ins (before the 3/2/2013 show date).

Ask yourself this — if Florida can screw up and not figure out the status of a transgender fighter, what else are they screwing up when it comes to the medicals of fighters getting booked in the state?

Unfortunately, these questions are not being asked in the press. Instead, the singular angle to this story has been about “Fallon Fox, transgender fighter.” (see: Salon, TMZ, Huffington Post, Manolith.)

No, the real story here is that Florida’s commission is such a national cesspool right now that Frank Gentile, Kathy Gentile, Cynthia Hefren, Jami Molloy, and Christa Patterson should all have their asses fired and put in front of state politicians to explain why they continue to screw-up so many things at so many shows. These are the people responsible for the commission being the disaster that it is (along with DBPR bosses Ken Lawson and Tim Vaccaro). It’s not enough to accept the press quoting some third-rate PR flack that has no power or no substance regarding the matter at hand. It’s time to confront the people responsible head-on — by name.

I’ve named the names here and will continue to name names non-stop. It’s up for the rest of the media, combat sports and general sports press, to start going after the individuals who are responsible for this mess and responsible for creating a completely unsafe environment for fighters to compete in.

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6 Responses to “The real questions not being asked in Fallon Fox/Florida debacle (Cynthia Hefren, Frank Gentile, Kathy Gentile)”

  1. Jay B. says:

    Funny how people who asked “what does Fallon fox has to do with this” and the “transgender status does hurt the fight” are not saying anything now and pretty silent about it.

    Fallon fox is not licensed, MMA has different set of rules than the IOC for a reason, its a combat sport. The process for allowing fighters to fight in Florida is a joke. So my guess is that Fallon Fox will not be fighting in florida again and she will be fighting in non commissioned states and indian grounds to avoid paperwork..legit paperwork she probably needs.

    • Jay B. says:

      FSBC is reviewing the license. Even though the promoter claimed he was going to clamp down and keep her. He will probably bucke. Even facial feminization surgery didnt leave doubt as to who she is to be honest.

    • The Gaijin says:

      Everyone said what they needed to say. No one takes issue with Zach’s disgust over an incompetent athletic commission looking like a bunch of inept bozos.

      The ONLY issue I had at all with it was the attention seeking “red meat” headline(s) that were put up for one reason only. The issue wasn’t about whether a transgender person should be allowed to fight other women if they were qualified, that’s a whole other story that was debated, but using “Tranny fighter beats up woman” served on purpose and MADE it about something that it wasn’t.

      • Jay B. says:

        Alright fair enough, Gaijin.

      • Black Dog says:

        Right on, Gaijin.

        I think we know why that headline was chosen. Kind of a separate story, though the question of Fox’s status is one that needs to be examined.

        I more think like the rest of the article, it’s clear that the state commissions are full of political appointees and cronies. Time for a national commission to oversee all state, all MMA and pro wrestling. Or yes, some people are gonna get killed.

        I could care less about Fox’s status…as long as it is declared that he/she is legal to fight, then so be it.


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