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Corruption dominates athletic commissions; Florida competes w/ California & Texas for most shameless

By Zach Arnold | December 22, 2012

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While Alabama’s athletic commission got whacked with an audit this week for faulty cash procedures, The Orange County Register wrote a dumb remark about the situation regarding California’s athletic commission. When the Bureau of State Audits in California came out with their audit of CSAC, we promptly exposed the audit for the smokescreen that it is. The audit recommendations is a swerve to get the public at large to focus on a shiny object rather than address the real problems that the commission is facing (with the Department of Consumer Affairs & their golden boy Che Guevara as problem #1). However, we knew the BSA tactic would work in turning people the wrong way and it led to this gem from the OC Register editorial board:

For us, this also begs the question: Why do we even have an athletic commission? This seems a function suitable for privatization.

CSAC was fine as a self-sustaining operation. It wasn’t until it was taken over by Sacramento and placed under DCA that things starts getting chaotic. The fruits of that policy are now exposed for everyone to see… but a lot of people are acting like Mr. Magoo on that front.

There’s plenty of corruption and malfeasance with other state commissions, including Nevada & Texas. We are more than happy to report on these matters and investigate, but sources in both areas do not want to cooperate and you can’t get blood out of a stone. Karim Zidan deserves attention for his coverage of matters regarding the Ohio Athletic Commission.

However, one state and its bureaucratic agency (the Department of Business & Professional Regulation) remains intent on competing with Che Guevara as the most inept & corrupt roadblock in combat sports — the state of Florida.

Jami Molloy receives a ‘certificate of appreciation’ from a sanctioning body in Florida

When disgraced schmuck Tom Molloy got canned for being a rotten & inept leader while running the Florida State Boxing Commission, his fellow henchmen (and wife Jami Alise (McClellan) Molloy) were also under DBPR payroll. When the state’s audit exposed that Molloy & company only had one ticket manifest out of 51 shows that Florida regulated last year, that was more than enough ammunition for the state to fire everyone with cause.

So, why wasn’t anyone other than Molloy fired? The answer is that Governor Rick Scott’s DPBR has re-arranged the deck chairs and made sure that everyone, including Molloy’s wife, stayed on the payroll financed by state taxpayers. Instead of these individuals being criminally charged for fraud and/or other counts regarding economic malfeasance in not collecting the proper event revenue for the state of Florida, Molloy’s associates continue to draw DBPR paychecks. Molloy’s wife continues to milk the taxpayer cash.

After we reported on Florida’s state audit of the Boxing Commission (which was a preliminary report that had not been issued publicly) of Molloy, a state auditor was inserted into Molloy’s position as figurehead for the boxing commission. A bean-counter role, in other words, and no experience in combat sports regulation. There were many people in both boxing & MMA circles in Florida who were happy to see Molloy get the axe and were hopeful that new bureaucrats would turn the climate into a more positive environment. However, much of that hope is now gone and there is a feeling amongst promoters that it’s the ’same old, same old’ environment. Molloy’s associates remaining on taxpayer-funded payrolls and not being removed from DBPR has created legitimate cause for concern.

All of these people are involved in the business affairs of the Florida State Boxing Commission. For such a damning internal state audit report implicating that only one regulated show in Fiscal Year 2011-2012 had a ticket manifest & correct tax records is absolutely grounds to give pink slips out to those who were complicit in the lack of oversight or had knowledge about the lack of oversight and didn’t blow the whistle on what was going on. Instead, these people continue to suck away taxpayer cash from the residents of Florida. Not one Florida newspaper & TV outlet has even bothered taking a whack at the low-hanging fruit that is corruption at the Florida State Boxing Commission.

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7 Responses to “Corruption dominates athletic commissions; Florida competes w/ California & Texas for most shameless”

  1. Marlene says:

    Great article & I applaud your efforts to expose, what I call, the ’secret squirrel shit‘ that goes on behind the scenes of Florida Mixed Martial Arts. I’m not a newspaper or TV outlet, but I consider myself a media outlet and have been quite vocal about Tom Molloy and the FBC.

    Just a few things I wanted to mention:

    ‘So, why wasn’t anyone other than Molloy fired?’ – Not easy to fire other staff members from the office. Unless you have someone prepared to fill the role of the people that you have listed. It is easier and cost effective for DBPR to leave those that are already there, in place. The guy that was in charge was removed, too bad, it took six years for that to happen.

    ‘…A bean-counter role, in other words, and no experience in combat sports regulation.’ You are correct, Interim Executive Director Cynthia Hefren has no combat sports regulation experience whatsoever, but since the FBC office did such a poor job of bookkeeping, the ‘bean counter’ would be the best person to straighten it out.

    I heard that Hefren was not interested in staying on as Executive Director and once the bookkeeping gets straightened out, that a permanent Executive Director, with combat sports (regulation) experience, will be appointed. Who will that be? I don’t know who is in the running.

    Recently, I received a message from someone who had applied for the job, who is probably the most qualified person for the position and was turned down for someone that is from Florida. It’s a shame because this applicant, speaks three languages, english, spanish, & portugese, is currently working in that capacity in another state & has several years of combat sports regulation experience. Such is the case with MMA and Florida politics.

    You gotta remember that to charge someone criminally, you have to prove intent. And I don’t see the Attorney General spending any time/resources for this to happen. And no one in the FBC office is gonna say, ‘yeah, I knew what was going on, but didn’t say anything, because I was going to lose my job…’

    It was easier and cost effective to remove Tom Molloy from his position than to criminally charge him with (whatever). This equates to having an employee stealing from a cash register and firing him than to have him arrested and go to trial.

    ‘…much of that hope is now gone and there is a feeling amongst promoters that it’s the ’same old, same old’ environment.’ It is still too early to judge the FBC new leadership. I would wait until a PERMANENT Executive Director gets appointed before judging. I heard the very same thing about ’same old, same old,’ when Hefren was appointed. First, get the bookkeeping straightened out, then go from there. You can’t run the office without having the finances in order. But I’ll tell you that many promoters are unhappy because license fees, etc are going up.

    Keep up the great research and writing! I don’t have the hook that you do for info about the FBC.

    Lastly, I will be posting more articles on the FBC on my site and facebook page soon. I’m just as curious as who will be made PERMANENT Executive Director of the FBC.

  2. Bryson McClelland says:

    Has anyone looked into Jamie?
    Has anyone noticed she married Tom when she was “already PREGNANT”? Has anyone questioned her mofive? Has anyone checked into her role as an inspector while she was interviewing Mr Malloy? Has anyone checked into her FALSIFIED REPORTS? She didn’t state or document the truth….she KNOWINGLY AND SELF DECIDINGLY MADE THE DECISION TO FALSIFY REPORTS IN ORDER TO SEDUCE MALLOY. Check it out. A 28 year old hussy/slut seducing a 58 year old man. She was looking for a meal ticket

  3. Sarah says:

    I have known Jami Molloy for a long time and the last thing she looks for is a free ride, hence her working since the age of 18 with the state of Florida. She is an investigator with the State and unfortunately one of the organizations ( AAMMA run by Larry and Alice Downs) she has investigated is facing charges involving FIGHTING/ EXPLOITING CHILDREN in MMA and have hashed this last ditch effort to point fingers by going after her and her Husbands character in the media. Don’t believe everything you read, especially when the information only comes from one media source. If you would like TRUE facts check out Florida Division of Administrative Hearings website, case number 12-000142 and you will see who is ACTUALLY facing charges. AAMMA vs State of Florida

    • Zach Arnold says:

      A classic red herring response from a Molloy booster in Atlanta.

      a) You don’t address or deny the state’s audit regarding Tom Molloy and the people who worked for him in the front office regarding no accounting practices for shows. Jami Molloy falls into this category.

      b) You acknowledge that she’s been on the government dole the whole time, which would explain why she has political cover despite the fact that her ass should have been fired long ago.

      Newsflash – you may not know my track record, so start searching my name on search engines so you can figure out that I don’t go after people unless there’s smoke coming from a fire.

      I know who you are and what your track record is. If people from the commission want to expose themselves and their actions, bring it.

    • Chris Taylor says:


      Please check out the 32 Page Administrative Court ruling that completely vindicated AAMMA of all wrong doing and the judge actually stated in her ruling that AAMMA is the opposite of what the Florida Boxing Commission and their regime trumped up in their false allegation and out right lies. Tom Molloy, Jami McClellan Molloy and Christa Patterson. etc. are the pieces of garbage that spewed lies about our organization. As you stated, don’t believe everything you read….don’t believe everything you hear, either, but you can believe this because it is backed by an Administrative Judge’s ruling.

  4. Franklin says:

    You must look into other Attorneys – i.e., April Skilling and Reginald Dixon’s – roles in this as well, as they were general counsel at one time or another and provided legal cover. True political hacks, it will not take much to uncover additional waste of the taxpayer’s trust and money. Good luck, may you continue the good fight against corruption and govt. abuse.

  5. Private#ye says:

    I think the State of Florida officials/legislators/law makers are a bunch of IDIOTS!!

    Check out the “Ho!” Jami….
    she thought she was going to have a life of luxury livingoff Mr. Molly, when at the end of hte day, he got fired, and she’s making the money

    has anyone checked to see if that baby is really Toms?
    shes such a manipulative CHILD, that she got her self pregnant…..but is the baby really Toms? she has been known to sleep around. after all thats how she got to where she is today.

    shes a girl that has boys on the side, thinking the man “TOm” would take care of her….what a bitch!!! what a slut!!


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