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Carlos Condit thinks GSP will beat Nick Diaz by decision

By Zach Arnold | August 20, 2011

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RON KRUCK: “Well, speaking of success, you’ve won 12 out of 13, you’ve been on fire. How much do you attribute training here at Jackson’s to your recent success?”

CARLOS CONDIT: “It’s a huge part of it. I started training with Greg and out of Greg’s system when I was very young, 15 years old, and you know Greg Jackson was teaching Mixed Martial Arts before most people even knew what UFC was so he’s got a wealth of experience, you know, didn’t start off teaching grappling or teaching striking, he started off incorporating everything together and that’s why our fighters here are so well-rounded.”

RON KRUCK: “Well, it’s paid off for you, there’s no doubt about it and you’ve earned a huge fight with BJ Penn. Give us your thoughts on first off before we break the fight down really in fighting an MMA pioneer in BJ Penn.”

CARLOS CONDIT: “Yeah, you know, it’s an absolute honor to be facing BJ, you know, it’s really amazing to have worked my way up to facing somebody, you know, of legendary status in this sport and I’m as motivated as I’ve ever been in my career and, you know, I better be because I know I have a very, very tough test in front of me.”

RON KRUCK: “Biggest fight of your career?”

CARLOS CONDIT: “Absolutely. You know, every fight’s the biggest test of your career. They’re all important these days, it’s always a tougher and tougher opponent so I’m training for BJ as if he was the toughest guy that I’ve ever faced because he probably is.”

RON KRUCK: “When you go up against a guy like Penn not only a veteran with a ton of cage experience but a guy who’s really well rounded, is there anything you’ve been concentrating on in training to help prepare a little bit better or is he just one of those guys you better practice everything?”

CARLOS CONDIT: “Yeah, BJ is very, very well-rounded. There’s really nobody like him in the sport so it’s really hard to get a training partner to emulate his style. So, you know, right now I’m just focusing on working all aspects of my game, being the best Carlos Condit that I can be and, you know, hopefully I’m able to pull it off.”

RON KRUCK: “If you are able to pull it off, that would be a huge victory for you. You’d win 13 out of 14, do you feel that you should get the next title shot?”

CARLOS CONDIT: “Yeah, you know, I’ve not only been winning my fights I’ve been winning them by stoppages, you know, for the most part. Every one of my wins has been a finish and… you know, I think that definitely qualifies for me title contender status.”

RON KRUCK: “Who do you like in that next fight, Georges St. Pierre is taking on Nick Diaz. First guy to really come over from Strikeforce, which generates some interest but really a match-up of two of the top fighters in the division. Who wins and why?”

CARLOS CONDIT: “You know, Nick Diaz is a very, very tough fighter, well-rounded, unorthodox striking style that works very well for him but Georges St. Pierre does what he does so well and he has his strategy and his style down and I really feel that Georges takes this fight. I don’t see him finishing Diaz but I think he gets the decision.”


Here some video tributes to the late Shawn Tompkins, including the video package HD Net aired last night.

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4 Responses to “Carlos Condit thinks GSP will beat Nick Diaz by decision”

  1. fd2 says:

    If someone has come up with a reason that GSP/Diaz won’t look exactly like GSP/BJ II with a fifth round added, I haven’t heard it yet.

    • mr. roadblock says:

      Because Diaz can stand and bang. He also has an unorthodox approach to sparring where he paws at his opponent while finding range.

      No matter what GSP does to Diaz he’s not likely to quit on himself after the second round and take a nap in rounds 3-5. That gives him time to land a fight changing strike.

      Hopefully Diaz has been working on getting off his back. There’s a good chance GSP takes him down and holds him down over and over. We’ll see.

      • EJ says:

        That’s a pretty big reach, there is a reason why Nick Diaz has been ducking wrestlers since he left the UFC. He’s got a huge hole in his game that will be exposed big time by GSP. All of the mean mugging and bs won’t mean a thing when GSP takes him down and smashes him in the face with some elbows then we’ll see the same Nick Diaz we saw back in the UFC the first time.

      • Nepal says:

        Diaz does paw at his opponent from range to get them to commit so he can counter. However, GSP has a longer reach and has the speed to get in with a superman punch/leg kick or a superman jab and get back out before Diaz can counter. Diaz has never faced a guy like that before.

        However, I don’t think the fight will go that way. I think GSP will put Diaz on the fence as he did to BJ. As much as I think GSP would maul Diaz on the floor and likely beat him standing, the fence fucking route is still the safest and we know GSP is safety first.

        After wearing on him for a couple of rounds, GSP will finally take him down and elbow his way to his first ‘real’ stoppage in years.

        Not pretty but it’ll be his 10th win in a row.


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