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Nick Lembo to chair ABC MMA committee

By Zach Arnold | July 14, 2008

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The following is a statement from Mr. Lembo’s office.

I have been asked to chair the ABC’s MMA committee.

The ABC is comprised of athletic commissions from the United States and territories, Canadian provinces and both countries sovereign indian lands.

I would like your participation and input with regard to review of professional and amateur MMA matters. Your assistance would be a benefit to our committee members.

Your participation will conclude with a presentation report and document to the ABC membership at their 2009 convention in New Orleans next July. Please reply to me if interested.

Thank you for your involvement and support of the sport.

Nick Lembo

The committee will be chaired by Nick Lembo (NJSAC). Other members include: Jim Erickson (North Dakota SAC), Armando Garcia (CSAC), Keith Kizer (NSAC), Dale Kliparchuk (River Cree AC), Josef Mason (Colorado AC), and Michael Mazzulli (Mohegan Athletic Unit).

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