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Canadian MMA backyarders gone wild

By Zach Arnold | June 5, 2007

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The Chronicle Herald’s Josh Visser (e-mail) in Halifax, Nova Scotia is reporting that East Coast Street Fights, an outlaw group of individuals who do backyard-style MMA brawls in parking lots and lawns, has found a ‘millionaire’ money mark that will convert them into a ‘legitimate’ promotion. The Halifax RCMP is not amused.

The article also throws in The Zuffa Myth for good measure, talking about how Zuffa LLC introduced weight classes and other regulations when they bought the company in 2001. Another example of the Myth on display today. Furthermore, the article finds a university professor to say the following about MMA: “”My sense is, it’s still a marginalized activity.”

Update: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune talks about backyard MMA run amok.

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11 Responses to “Canadian MMA backyarders gone wild”

  1. DarthMolen says:

    Repulsive. Simply repulsive.

  2. Jordan Breen says:


  3. Matt McEwen says:

    Nothing like giving Bluenosers a bad name.

    Beyond the assinine assertion that Spike TV would want anything to do with these twits, and that a “millionaire” backer is interested in providing financing for a bunch of skinny, no-talent teenagers, it is disturbing that this is happening in Halifax and the Darkside.

    Halifax is home to an excellent MMA school in the form of Titans MMA, as well an extremely well run related organization in ECC. On top of that, the Nova Scotia Boxing Commision has been very supportive and pro active in regards to MMA in the area.

    Tools like these guys only serve to marginalize all these good points, and uninformed reporters such as the one who wrote this story only serve to perpetuate the MMA stereo type which is very slowly being broken down.

  4. One would hope the schools and organizations support a no tolerance attitude towards people who are found participating in these things

  5. Jonathan says:

    Am I the only ones who thinks that Street Fighter II the video game was much cooler then these wannabes?

  6. Matthew Watt says:

    These guys are complete idiots. I hope the RCMP or Nova Scotia Boxing Commission step in and stop these idiots from allowing them to showcase their minimal talents to the public.

  7. says:

    While I think this is ridiculous backyard fighting seems to be a problem with all fight sports and it has been for a long time. These reports are no different that things we’ve heard about boxing and wrestling for decades.

  8. GassedOut says:

    My GOD…strikes to the back of the head, powerdrops on the back of the neck…those are kill moves and not used in ANY sport fighting I’m aware of, and with good reason!

    These guys need a referee and fast before one of them ends up in jail for killing the other. These guys are a manslaughter case waiting to happen.

    If you see these guys in your parking lot, please call the cops. Or kick their butts yourself, they weren’t that good. I’ve seen better fights from 12-year-old white belts in my Jiu-Jitsu dojo.

  9. Mr. Mike says:

    This isn’t even MMA, it’s just young guys doing what many young guys do. They may have watched MMA on TV, but they don’t seem to have training.
    It’s street brawling put on video.

    Young men have done things like this for 1,000’s of years. It’s not worth getting upset over, unless someone gets seriously injured.

  10. The Gaijin says:

    ^ Mr. Mike.

    I agree 100%. The fact that people now can put this up on the internet doesn’t mean it’s something that’s suddenly happening. It’s been happening for years, just now it’s so easy to film (cellphones) and upload for the world to see (YouTube).

    You could just as easily blame it on Verizon and Google as the UFC.

  11. Darren says:

    I agree w/ Mr. Mike and Gaijin. Awhile ago, before UFC was mainstream, there was a bunch of guys who started a “Fight Club” after seeing the movie. This stuff has been going on for 1000s of years, and basically, boys will be boys… As long as no one gets killed then its not that bad. They just have to get it out of their systems. At least both parties consent to it…


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